Founder and Executive Director of Mtuli Foundation based in Karonga district. I hold Bachelor of Science (Technical Education).

I am adept in project development and management, resource mobilization, inspiring success, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy. My background also includes high level teaching experience at different institutions like Mzuzu Technical College in 2017, instructing first- through third-year students to stimulate information interest and retention while invigorating classes through the use of new technologies and models. 

Before becoming the Executive Director of Mtuli Foundation, I held different other leadership positions such as Karonga Patriotic Youths Chairperson during a market clean-up exercise on January 2, 2020, a story that appeared in Daily Times newspaper on 8th January, 2020 on page 8, and also Academics Director in the Students’ Union of our Technical Education department at Polytechnic – UNIMA. In 2020, I attended First Aid training provided by Red Cross