Peter Mndalasini- Youth Wave Changemaker 2021

Peter Mndalasini

Peter Mndalasini is a holder of Bachelor of Science in Public Health obtained at the University of Livingstonia, Laws campus. He is a former 2018-2019 CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer. He is a women Deliver Young leader for 2020 class where he advocates for gender equality. He is also an SRHR advocate at International Youth Alliance for Family planning Malawi chapter. He is also a project Coordinator for 10+ Her Period Her Pride.

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Kayira Malango - Youth Wave Changemaker 202`

Malango Kayira

My name is Malango Kayira, I’m a gender practitioner by professional and an activist in making. Currently I’m studying bachelor’s of science in Gender and Development at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), pending. I’m a problem solver by heart. I love complex problem solving and enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams as well as immerse myself into individual tasks. I have a positive mind and good ability to adapt and create stable environment around me. I’m patient, hardworking, considerate, thoughtful, kind, loving and structured, I do not hesitate to take lead and strive to do my very best at all times.

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lyford chiwaya - Youth Wave Changemaker 202`

Lyford Chiwaya

Lyford Chiwaya is a founder and Chair-person of Timasukirane youth club which is an affiliated member of Centre for Concerned Youth in development (CECOYD) . Lyford is passionate to work
with youth in SRHR & HIV AIDS, Gender Equality and peer education. Lyford has over 8 years experience in youth work assisting individual and community youth in receiving healthy services and fighting against GBV. He works in the Health sector under Health and Education Department in CECOYD organization

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faith Malenga - Youth Wave CHangemaker 202`

Faith Malenga

I am a passionate mental health advocate and currently working as the mental health officer for
YOFONAT, I have a certificate in mental health as well as a pending diploma. I am also a student at
LUANAR pursuing BSCs in gender and development and am in my third year. I believe in change and I
am always happy to be part of a team that brings about change but I prefer starting with the change of
mind which is very challenging and a gradual process but it is possible. Further to that, I believe that
mental well-being yields productivity so as others are dealing with change in relation to the physical
environment, addressing harmful cultural practices, I chose the mind.

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Enock Palapandu - Youth Wave CHangemaker 202`

Enock Palapandu

Enock  Palapandu is the Founder of Green Action One . He is passionate about improving youth and women unemployment which has led to youth exposure to life threats not limited to HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse and gender abuse.

Enock Advocates for Gender inclusive development and policy, he is a YALI alumni and Managing Director for Green Action One. He possess Master’s degree in Hydrocarbon Processing engineering and Degree in renewable Energy Technologies.  He has been trained in entrepreneurship by Trade line, Tech-tribe accelerator, Frame tree initiatives etc.

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