Malawi HIV prevalence is of the highest in the world and adopted the national HIV programme on Universal Test and Treat (UTT) guidelines requiring that all persons who test HIV positive will be referred to start antiretroviral therapy (ART) regardless of HIV clinical stage or CD4 count.

ART is a life-long intervention and Antiretrovirals (ARV’s) makes huge difference by keeping HIV suppressed. Changing the game means we have to control the epidemic and maintain the gains made so far, we need to look at essential component, health systems that fights for their clients’ access to care. It is crucial for majority of people living with HIV who come from marginalized communities because we do not want to see people falling through the treatment cracks in a health care system that too often fails to meet their needs.

Above all, we need to tackle stigma that kills people, create safe spaces that accommodates everyone without any sort of judgement and attitudes so that more clients show up for medical attention and treatment whilst enjoying privacy and most importantly retain people on treatment to reduce number of defaulters and improve treatment adherence.

Young are people are always ready to step up the fight and close the tap of new HIV infections because they live in communities that makes a difference and young people make things happen.