LW 67 Scaled, Youth Wave

We recognize that around the globe there is a force that can attract billions of people around a single event and motivate billions of others in collective or individual active participation - young and old, rich and poor, girls and boys alike - this is the unique power of sport.

Youth Wave attempts sports-related activities and partnerships to drive and enhance change for children. The initiative is built around the idea that sport can change young people's lives by helping break down barriers, promote participation, alter attitudes and include the excluded. Our thrust is to amplify existing sport-related programs and partnerships to improve the lives of adolescents and young people in communities.

Sport promotes social integration, encourages an active lifestyle and serves as an educational tool. It has an almost unparalleled reach into all spheres of society. It teaches life skills that empower adolescents and youth to overcome difficult circumstances in their lives and take charge of their own futures.

Employing the notion of sports and linking it to other development goals in areas such as education, health (HIV, SRHR and Mental Health) and Gender Equality can break the barriers and challenges young people face.

Sport is increasingly employed within a development cooperation context as an instrument for awareness-raising and integration, and is considered an innovative approach that provides impetus for change and sustainable development at both community, district, national, regional and global level. It is a tool to mobilize resources for our programs including staging country giants football teams for fundraising.