In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic a youth lead NGO Youth Wave has virtually mobilize over 100 young people from across the country towards fighting against the virus.

Speaking on the development executive director for Youth Wave, John Nyirenda highlighted that they saw a gap in information and myths surrounding covid-19 and came up with the idea to mobilize young people to help in flow of correct and accurate information and myth busting.

“There is a lot of fear, anger, myths and misinformation about COVID-19, we saw the need for information in this time of uncertainty” Nyirenda said.

He added that the initiative is in line with their organization focus on building the next generation of young leaders. In order to achieve this they have gone digital by using the website, social media and WhatsApp platforms to enhance information and knowledge among young people in response to the pandemic. The initiative has used top class material resources provided by World Health Organization(WHO) specifically on Infection Prevention and Control on COVID-19. We didn’t have money but we used the available materials online to reach young people who have graduated to be 2020 Covid-19 changemakers

One of the participants other initiative, Bertha Tadala Chiumbuzo said that young people are the most eligible in fighting against the pandemic because they are more energetic and most updated information citing that they have access to internet where there is a lot of information and multiple opportunities

She further explained that she is part of The initiative to encourage young people especially girls.

”I would love to take part in fighting against the pandemic because I would one day love to show Malawi that young people, mostly girls can win too just like everyone else”

In his words, Mavuto Shanto from the Ministry of health explained that the ministry is working in collaboration with Youth wave to ensure that correct information including daily updates reaches out to everyone. Youth Wave is taking accurate information and they are use their digital platforms to reach to their fellow young people.

He emphasized that young people need to take part in the fight since the virus can attack anyone.

“Everyone including young people is at risk of contracting the virus hence the need for young people to be part of the fight. He has since commended Youth wave and called upon young people in the country to be on the forefront fighting the pandemic.

Youth Wave is an innovative youth-led organization that focuses on HIV and AIDS, Sexual Reproductive health, mental health, gender equality and advocacy on issues, needs, challenges and priorities of young people in the country