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It is terrifying time for us all, but it could get much, much worse. Now that Coronavirus has hit Malawi many people could die. People in marginalized communities are crammed into poor houses with no access to portable water (WASH facilities) , overcrowded shelters and little money to help themselves due to poverty. In many of these places, people simply can’t afford to stay home or get the basic health care they need as the live from hand to mouth!

The global public health crisis means the new norm of doing things such as lockdown, transitioning from face-to-face models to virtual services where digital interventions leads to mitigate adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

As a Youth NGO we are working tirelessly to build back better by being the information hub, building knowledge and raising awareness, capacity building and cultivating the innovation in the communities across the country on COVID -19. We partnered with Ministry of Health - Health Education Services (HES), Grassroot Soccer, Great Minds Property Group – UK and Joseph Kamwendo Foundation and a network of 120 changemakers (youth leaders volunteering in Communities) in implementing activities to raise awareness on COVID-19 using different platforms such as the website, social media, WhatsApp and other innovative youth tailormade solutions.

The following are activities strategically supporting the adolescents and youth in the country on COVID-19 prevention.

Youth Championship on COVID-19

Malawi government through Ministry of Health (MoH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) has put preventive measures in multi-sectoral plan with the main aim of ensuring prevention and control of COVID-19 spread in the country.

The Public Health institute of Malawi and many other partners are promoting the increase in awareness to prevent COVID-19. The information is being shared on websites and, media updates from current global and local situations, radio jingles and on screening of travelers in all points of entry. It is common knowledge that young people especially adolescents living in rural areas are not aware and have limited access to Covid -19 information and services.

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  • Capacity building to youth network leaders on COVID-19 transmission, prevention and control, key messages, data collection (Service mapping COVID 19) and seeking assistance on mobile services (Using MoH information resources and open source COVID curriculum from Grassroot Soccer)
  • Training on digital platforms (social media) on awareness raising, access to information, seeking help and linkages to psychosocial services through Facebook, WhatsApp and mobile phone services.
  • Communication to educate the Malawian public about Covid 19 using accurate, evidence based information obtained from reliable sources such as WHO and Malawi government through MoH
  • Support youth led organizations and youth networks on adaptive programming (the new norm) to determine progress, gaps and solutions on new working community models using Grass Root Soccer COVID-19 Response Curriculum which is accessible for free at
  • Creating 30 seconds video clips on COVID-19 prevention and control measures and where to access COVID-19 services (featuring local celebrities and football legends in the country to attract adolescent’s attentions and focus
  • Featuring COVID-19 prevention messages to sports programs mainly targeting community radio stations to reach marginalized communities.

National-Wide Contact Numbers for Covid-19

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  • Popularization of toll free line called CHIPATALA CHAPA FONI (54747) and district COVID-19 contact numbers)
  • Dissemination of information through community radio stations and channels with special strategies for particularly hard-to-reach and/or very vulnerable individuals
  • Providing mechanisms for community feedback to troubleshoot and address problems with accessing to services as a result of pandemic-related challenges
  • Supporting vulnerable communities with hand washing facilities, soaps, and other related materials
  • “Prevention of the disease is possible and cost-effective if everybody takes the responsibility and follows the set rules of prevention” Dr Namarika – Ministry of Health Principal Secretary.

    Any quick message on Covid-19?

    Share with us any insights, lessons, best practices, challenges or partnerships on COVID-19 response. In oneness, we have power to contribute towards ending the pandemic.


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